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Air-Images was launched in 2001 by Philippe Guignard, a photographer who has been specializing in aerial and architectural photography for the past 20 years. Images are shot from helicopter which is both the only way to access built-up areas and the only way to guarantee high quality and precision shots.

This photographic data base offers around 90000 aerial views of Paris and France among which 34000 are available on this site. The Ile de France, including Paris is highly represented is this library with some 21 000 aerial views.

Air- Images owns the commercial copyrights of the images offered and only trades under negotiated temporary rights.

All the photos are itemized with precise geographical indications and captions.

Additions are constantly being made to this on-line data-bank.

Our online data-bank grows every month with new additions.


Air-Images Contreforts Production offers and organizes aerial shootings at the request of institutional or private clients while building up this picture library.

We offer stock-shot images shot in Cineflex, contributing to the creation of films which we can fully produce with our partners, in particular for the insertion of sequences of computer generated images.

When possible, we combine various client orders in order to optimize costs and make the most of weather opportunities.

We take in charge the various administrative formalities in order to obtain the authorizations for a low flight.